I hate trailers. I avoid them like a vegan avoids KFC. I do not want to see a sneak peek. I do not want to guess at a plot point. I do not want to know secrets from behind the scenes before I have seen the movie

I want the title, the genre, the actors, the directors, maybe the writer and that’s it. Don’t even have to show me a poster. I’ve made my decision as to if I will go see the film.

I’m not alone. There are others like me. We just want to experience the piece as the creators intended, i.e. on the big screen, all in one chunk.

No spoilers. No previews. No trailers. Nada.

I will admit that some films needed advertisement. I doubt Deadpool would have been the smash it was without the ads. Some films, though, really don’t need it.

Doubt me? Can you, without Googling it, tell me the subtitle of the next Avengers film? If your answer is no, can you tell me if you’re going to go see it?

Yes. Of course you are. Because the first one was amazing and the second one didn’t screw anything up. Your butt will be in a seat, popcorn in your lap and your sense of childlike wonder engaged.

But I was getting to a dare, wasn’t I?

There’s a movie coming up about Boba Fett. The Boba Fett. The only guy who gets to backtalk Darth Vader. The biggest fandom to dialog ratio in the Star Wars franchise. Subject of comic books, cartoons and rap.

Boba. MFing. Fett

Whole movie. All his.

And I will go watch it. You bet I will.

So here’s the dare, Hollywood. You can advertise, but don’t make a trailer. No scenes from the movie. Just put up billboards with a picture of Boba Fett, a date and leave it at that.

I dare you to let people experience the story without warning, to see the movie that they’re going to see whether you advertise it or not without a hint of what it’s about aside from the fact it includes one of the biggest badasses in screen history.

I double dog dare you.

So that way, I don’t have to sit through previews with my fingers in my ears, humming.