MetalocalypseKlokOperaPoster-435x580I’ve been watching Metalocalypse for some time now, catching episodes here and there along with watching some online when they’re available. As cartoons targeted at adults go, it’s okay though it’s not my favorite. The punchline to too many jokes is “and then we kill someone”, which grows tired quickly.

That said, I get sucked into stories and I like where they’re going with the tale of how mega-rich band Dethklok is stumbling through their lives, unaware at first and then unwilling to accept that they are the heroes in an upcoming escatolgical cataclysm.

I’m a sucker for end of the world tales, really.

More so, though, I love the music in this show. For being a joke band, their music is seriously awesome, enough that you can buy the premise that they are the most beloved band in their narrative world, sort of the Death Metal version of the Beatles, if the Beatles had actually had more money than the rest of the UK combined.

There were rumors that Brendon Small, the mad wizard that makes Dethklok live and breathe, was drawing the story to a close with a 1 hour rock opera entitled The Doomstar Requiem. At the beginning of the story, two people important to the band, their producer and their rhythm guitarist, have been taken prisoner by a scorned sadist with the help of their version of Dave Mustaine, i.e. the guy who got kicked out of the band just before they went from awesome to awesomest. The plot revolves around whether or not the other members of Dethklok will step up and accept their collective destiny and save their brother in instruments or if they’ll flake out and try to go on just being fabulously wealthy rock stars.

I found the production to be one of the best things to come out under the name Metalocalypse, managing to blend humor, torture and face melting guitar riffs with ease and elegance. The violence was, if anything, more reserved. The music, varying from 80’s techno to the Death Metal we’ve come to expect, was top notch and made use of the orchestra they brought in to raise the story of Dethklok from epic to world crushingly epic.

If I had any criticism, it would be that I wanted more. They took a fair bit of time getting to the actual plot I came to see, that being how they were going to rescue their band mate. When they get there, the resolution is much shorter than I would have expected. That said, they left it on a cliffhanger that promises that the boys will be back, growling out lyrics and taking us further down their road towards the Metalocalypse.

I wouldn’t start here, but if you’ve ever watched the show and liked it, check out Doomstar Requiem. The soundtrack looks like it will be worth a listen as well, the most amazing songs sung in the voice of the characters you’d least expect.

This really needs to be a midnight movie somewhere. It would be brutal, I tell you. Glorious and brutal.