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I’m a fan of table top role playing games. I’m a D&D geek from way back. One of the things I do is tinker with systems.

Here are some things that I’ve written up in the past:

Basic Dungeons and Dragons

A friend of mine who works at goodwill gave me a couple of box sets of basic D&D, one from 1981 and a red box from somewhere in the mid 80’s. I thought they were cool, especially as one had a couple of the solo modules. I planned on spending an afternoon or two with it, reveling in the nostalgia and that was it… until an idea struck me.

Basic D&D has a lot of arbitrary, weird and nonsensical aspects to it, mostly to accommodate it’s role as an introductory set. But what if that’s all there was? What if characters never advanced beyond 3rd and magic users never could cast more than 3 spells a day? Why would such a world exist and what would that mean for society, the players and the game?

The results can be downloaded here: Very Basic D&D

Also, I wanted to add some options to combat, which resulted in a system similar to D&D 3.5 rules’ Feats system: Combat Companion

Lords of Creation

This role-playing game was the first to try to include multiple genres. It suffers in comparisons to more modern games, but it was important both historically and to me personally.

I wrote a set of variant rules a little while back. You can access them here: LOC 21st Century Update

Danger Squad!

There is a free role playing game called Dungeon Squad!, written by a guy to help his kids get into role playing games. Released into the wild, it has produced many variants and successors.

The original rules take up about a page. So I wrote a set that’s about 10 times that, with the intent of simulating action movies.

Enjoy: Danger Squad! Playtest Version

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